chibisafe is a beautiful
and performant vault to
save all your files in the cloud.

A modern and self-hosted take on file uploading services that can handle anything you throw at it thanks to it's robust and fast API, chunked uploads support and more.

Uploading files without an account is currently disabled.


chibisafe is easily customizable and deploying your own instance is a breeze.

Albums / Galleries

Organize your files in albums, make them public and share their links.

Sharing links

Share your files with anyone by creating a shareable link.

Chunked uploads

Upload files of any size by splitting them into smaller chunks.


Tag your files and enjoy a powerful search experience.


Deploying chibisafe with docker is as easy as running a single command.

User management

Manage users, their files and storage quotas from the admin dashboard.

chibisafe is also built to be extensible and customizable; with a powerful API, a beautiful dashboard and a powerful search engine, you have all the tools needed to manage your files.

Proudly Open Source

chibisafe is open source and powered by open source software.
The code is available on GitHub.